Sinoz miracle oil face n body n hair 10 %
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Sinoz miracle oil face n body n hair

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Description : Miracle Oil helps to restore the skin barrier after showering and soothes the skin before bedtime. The oil has skin-soothing and regenerating effects. Therefore, the oil can be used in all seasons at any time of the day. Effects: -Anti Stain -Anti-aging -Repairs the skin barrier -Antioxidant -Nourishing -Moisturising. Facial care: The antioxidant power of the precious oils gives a radiance to the tired face. It reduces the appearance of dark spots and supports the skin to look clear and firm. It prevents dehydration on the lips, supports the elasticity of the skin and prevents dehydration on the lips. Suitable for use before makeup. Body care: Hydrates the body and the pleasant scent stays on the skin all day long. It softens the cuticles and can be used for tanning. This will provide a calming effect when used after tanning. Hair care: Prevents breakage and dry or damp ends and allows for easy styling. How to use : Apply a few drops off the oil to the desired area whenever you feel it is necessary.

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