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Sinoz pumpkin gel peeling

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Description : Purifying the skin from dead skin and dirt allows the products you use to penetrate the skin more effectively and absorb quickly. Peeling is one of the easiest routines for a deeply purified, smooth and luminous skin. The vitamin balls gently cleanses the skin from excess oil, dirt and make-up residues by performing physical peeling and purifies the skin from dead cells. It provides a clear, smooth and luminous skin appearance. The moisturizing effect of pumpkin helps to soften the hardened skin tissue. How to use : 1. Take a small amount of product on your face 2. Spread the product on the area you want to exfoliate with your hand 3. Massage in circular motions for at least 30 seconds… 4. Continue processing until the dead skin and dirt begin to clump! 5. Rinse with plenty of water. The peeling can be used twice a week.

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